And so it begins! ….Again.

Welp! It happened! I was admitted into Northeastern University Design PhD Program!!!!!!!!!!!

I was looking for something new to get into. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings that I’m still unpacking, so I’ll post that stuff later.

I look forward to exploring/research the various uses of educational escape rooms to include their use as an informal STEM learning tool, and military training enhancement tool!

Graduation – New Beginnings

My baby girl has graduated high school. She has always been an amazing student, so that was never in doubt. However, I don’t think I gave much thought to the feelings that would come AFTER her graduation. The worry, the feeling like I’ve lost my best friend. The thing about my daughter is that she’s always down for a trip! She’ll pack a bag in a heartbeat! I’m going to miss having her by my side, but she’s on to bigger and better things out in California.