And so it begins! ….Again.

Welp! It happened! I was admitted into Northeastern University Design PhD Program!!!!!!!!!!!

I was looking for something new to get into. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings that I’m still unpacking, so I’ll post that stuff later.

I look forward to exploring/research the various uses of educational escape rooms to include their use as an informal STEM learning tool, and military training enhancement tool!

Community Art Classes

Signed up for 2 community art classes through the local university: Sculpting and Printmaking. I dragged my daughter along to the sculpting class. The first instructor was a prolific sculptor and she made the experience so much fun. She was a bit all over the place, but it didn’t take away from the fun for me. It was cool seeing the wheels turning in her brain and then she’d switch the entire focus of the course. My favorite part was when we got to mold each others’ faces.

My second class was printmaking. This one was my favorite of the two. There was just more of a sense of community in that class. The instructor was so so so very talented. It was great learning from her. Clearly she had tried a bunch of things that didn’t work and she was able to save us from so many mistakes. I also liked her informal communication style. She was just a regular person who a genius printmaker! So many laughs in this class.

Takeaway: These classes led to me making friends with people I would have most likely never met otherwise. We were all very supportive of each others’ work and now we all follow each other on Instagram. I’ll make a post later about affinity communities.