Hopscotch Immersive Venue

misha2ohh experience design hopscotch-min

Took my daughter and her bestie to an immersive venue called Hopscotch. It was very interesting – sort of a chill version of Meow Wolf. I’m happy to see more of these kinds of venues coming to my city.  However, as an escape room fan, there just wasn’t enough interactivity for my tastes.  That said, I’m very happy the kiddos had a good time. I think this is a great spot for first dates and people looking to dip their toes into immersive experiences.  

From an experience design perspective, my visit started off rough. We went to the ladies room and it was filthy. Not only were all of the stalls out of toilet paper, but all of the paper towel dispensers were empty as well. Thinking of the peak-end theory here.  My takeaway is that I need to mindful of the entire experience to include the restrooms! Otherwise, customers will have made up their minds before they have even seen what I’ve created for them!

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